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2020 New Holland PowerStar Tractors 120


2020 NEW HOLLAND POWERSTAR TRACTORS 120UTILITY, COMFORT, POWER AND PERFORMANCE TRACTORS CREATED BY CUSTOMER INNOVATION The PowerStar family of tractors provides unprecedented power, comfort and performance in a UTILITY tractor. They are designed for today's work using tomorrow's technology. FARMER DESIGNED As a farmer, you want to spend more time working and less time maintaining your tractor, so PowerStar series tractors have been designed to be ready whenever you are. The long, 600-hour service intervals, impressive fuel economy, and simple daily checks thanks to the one-piece flip-up hood make maintaining your PowerStar simple. ENHANCED LEVEL OF EFFICIENCY AND PERFORMANCE Common-rail fuel-injection engines with four valves per cylinder deliver more power and torque to easily handle all your daily chores, while reducing your fuel bills and emissions. Every model meets stringent Tier 4 Final emissions requirements without requiring any form of regeneration, ensuring you experience non-stop power throughout your work day. MULTIPLE MODELS FOR MULTIPLE TASKS With a choice of models up to 117 engine horsepower with 2WD or 4WD, you are sure to have the power required to easily tackle the task at hand, from haying applications like raking, tedding, mowing or baling in the field, to rotary cutting the back acreage or stacking bales or handling other material with the front end loader.FEATURES MAY INCLUDE:CAB AND OPERATOR PLATFORM BEST-IN-CLASS COMFORT* Whether you choose a PowerStar model with a spacious, flat-deck ROPS platform or factory-installed, all-weather VisionView cab, you get best-in-class visibility, comfort and ergonomics make sure you can operate with ease. When you take your seat, there is no doubt that PowerStar tractors were designed with the operator in mind.COMMAND ARC CONSOLE* Whether you choose the VisionView cab or ROPS platform, the New Holland exclusive Command Arc console places controls along an arch to match your natural arm movements to increase your productivity and reduce fatigue. Never again will you feel like a contortionist in your own tractor. Detailed designs like these increase your operating productivity and reduce fatigue.VENTS IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES* The PowerStar temperature control system simply cant be beat. The high-performance heating and air conditioning system includes two fans and 10 vents that provide air flow to both upper and lower portion of the cab, two vents are dedicated to warm or cool your feet.CONVENIENT CONTROLS LAYOUT* Powerstar tractor design puts the controls where the operator needs them. The use of virtual reality and customer profile make operator fatigue virtually non-existent in the daily chores.ENGINE NON STOP, RELIABLE, FUEL-EFFICIENT POWER* PowerStar tractors now have more power than ever, boasting a 207 cubic-inch, 3.4 liter engine producing 50 to 100 PTO horsepower. Coupled with four-cylinders and turbo charged, these Tier4 diesel engines rise to the challenging conditions with smoo

2020 New Holland T5 Series Tier 4B .120 Dual Command


2020 NEW HOLLAND T5 SERIES TIER 4B .120 DUAL COMMANDBUILT BY OUR FAMILY. MADE FOR YOURS. T5 Series Tier 4B tractors are the perfect fit for the many jobs on dairy, livestock and mixed farmsand the perfect fit for your family. These deluxe, high-powered 4x4 ag tractors are a blend of everything you wantthe power to handle your toughest jobs, the ability to work effectively in tight places and the ease and comfort your family craves. PERFECT FIT New Holland designed the new T5 Series farm tractor line to suit your needs perfectly. These heavy-duty, four wheel drive, mid-size tractors are nimble. They turn on a dime, with a wheelbase, chassis and turning radius that have been calculated to make it easy to maneuver wherever you need to work. PERFECT FEEL Whether you are using the T5 to work around feedlot, poultry operation, haying, loading, mowing or feeding beef cattle, the deluxe VisionView cab with Command Arc console serves as your new field office with ultimate visibility and comfort. You get an ultra-smooth ride courtesy of Comfort Ride cab suspension. PERFECT SPEED New Holland now gives you the convenience of Hi-Lo speeds with the 24x24 Dual Command transmission. Or choose the Electro Command semi powershift transmission that gives you eight thumb-button powershifts without making a shift lever range change.FEATURES MAY INCLUDE: OUTSTANDING VERSATILITY The hard-working T5 is the best utility tractor with deluxe features and big power to handle every chore. TRANSMISSIONS PERFECT FOR THE WORK YOU DO. Choose the 24x24 Dual Command transmission or the Electro Command semi powershift transmission. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY AND EFFICIENCY. T5 engines use ECOBlue Compact HI-Escr technology for Tier4B compliance, and to reduce your fuel bills.

2020 New Holland Roll-Belt Round Balers 450 Utility


2020 NEW HOLLAND ROLL-BELT ROUND BALERS 450 UTILITYREADY TO ROLL? Whether youre a part-time farmer occasionally baling 20 acres or a custom operator with 20 customers, theres a New Holland Roll-Belt baler to suit your needs. In fact, there are nearly 20 different models for you to choose from. From 4 X 5 to 5 X 6, uniform, dense bales are produced in every size and crop condition. EASY OWNERSHIP Roll-Belt 450, 460, 550, and 560 balers possess the newest design enhancements and smartest technology to ensure that they remain in the field. What does that mean for you?A 20% increase in belt strength, belt driving force, and capacity. STOP THE SQUAT From the moment the pickup tines touch the windrow, Roll-Belt balers pick up all of your valuable crop. Curved-tine pickups get all your hay, and feed crop from edge to edge of the bale chamber for easy-to-handle, square-shouldered bales. BALE LIKE NEVER BEFORE ISOBUS compatibility paired with a 10" color touchscreen IntelliView monitor eliminates the need to run multiple wires into the cab of your tractor. Balers with SuperFeed and CropCutter® rotary systems now feature a drop floor that can easily be operated from the comfort of your cab. OPEN YOUR HARVEST WINDOW WITH CROPSAVER Is your cut hay still a little too wet to bale? No problem! All New Holland Roll-Belt round balers can be equipped with CropSaver hay preservative to effectively bale at moistures up to 30%. That means you can start earlier, work later, and get your hay baled, even when the sun doesnt shine. BALE AND WRAP IN ONE PASS WITH THE GOWEIL KOMBI WRAPPER Combine the productivity of a New Holland Roll-Belt round baler with a Goweil bale wrapper and you can bale and wrap simultaneously. Since theres no need to make a second pass through the field, you save time, manpower and fuel, as well as reduce regrowth time.FEATURES MAY INCLUDE: A DESIGN PACKED WITH INNOVATION YIELDS BALES PACKED WITH HAY The key to quickly forming perfect cores in any crop condition is New Hollands proven combination of rolls and belts. The design of Roll-Belt balers utilizes heavy-duty steel rolls in both the front of the baler as well as in the floor of the bale chamber. The rolls are combined with short, tough belts in the back to deliver fast, consistent core formation and tight, uniform bales regardless of the crop youre baling. This proven combination also forms the densest bales in the industry. By packing more of your valuable crop into each bale, you save time and money in numerous different ways. WHY DOES DENSITY MATTER? From the moment you start baling to the moment the last bale is unloaded at your storage location, there are numerous benefits to making dense bales are many. Making fewer but denser bales in the field:* Reduces ground compaction and plant damage, which promotes faster regrowth and higher tonnages for the next cutting.* Reduces your baling time, and handling, wrapping, and transportation costs.* Improves bale weathering and reduces loss

Abell & Son was started by C.L Abell in 1916 in Welsh, LA. Today we have locations in Welsh and Lake Charles, LA where we offer parts, sales, and service to the agricultural, construction, and consumer industries. Abell & Son offers customer service that is second to none and fiver generations strong.


Abell & Son, Inc - Lake Charles
5325 Highway 90 E
Lake Charles, LA 70615
Abell & Son, Inc - Welsh
220 S Adams St
Welsh, LA 70591
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