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Info2021 International MV Series Making Moves Introducing the mv series,delivering uptime day in and day out. Step up your uptime We get drivers and their needs, and we get them where theyre goingsafely and comfortably. With a wide range of applications and a focus on connectivity, the MV Series works to your advantage by giving you quality you can depend onday in and day out. The superior combination of uptime, DriverFirst design and maximum cab-axle flexibility makes the MV Series the ultimate work truck in its class. Leaving no detail behind, International is the leading maker of fully integrated medium-duty trucks that deliver beyond your expectations. Features may include: Advancing the science of productivityThe most advanced system in the industry for its integration and ability to allow customers to optimize their driving experience. Choose from nearly 200 pre-programmed tasks or program your own for your specific application, with connectivity innovations that make your job easier than ever.Perfect positionWith the largest cab in its class, the MV Series features intuitive, customizable and optimally positioned switches and controls. The steering-column-mounted stalk shifter enables better reach and greater legroom, with the cabs intelligent functions placed right at the drivers fingertips.Everything proofReady to handle whatever the road throws at you, the MV Series is a truck like no other, giving drivers the optimal quality and reliability they depend on. With the industrys most trusted powertrain and safety features to ensure productivity, you can keep on trucking to maximize your uptime.Automatic advantagesMV Series packs an extra punch with industry-leading automatic transmissions. Choose the right fit for your specific needs, and youll be off and running in no time. With three different options, you can guarantee perfect delivery each and every timeno matter the drivers experience level.Strong looksMV Series enhances side visibility with reshaped doors, side windows and repositioned cab mirrors, plus a 62-degree door swing makes room for extended step length. The HSLA reinforced, cold-rolled steel cab gives the MV Series the strength to tough it through anything.


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Info2018 International 4300 4x2 If you've got a job to do, trust the International 4300 to do it right. In the world of medium-duty trucks, the 4300 goes beyond efficiency, durability and driver satisfaction. Built completely of commercial-grade components and materials, its quality construction and materials can handle the action: Whether you're towing cars in a snowstorm, repairing downed power lines or racing to a fire, count on the 4300 to answer the call, every time. EFFICIENCY The 4300 was built with drivers in mindand their businesses, too. Standard service-related features all help prevent costly breakdowns and keep you running longer. The Diamond Logic electrical system streamlines the process of integrating equipment into the chassis electrical system, giving you on-board diagnostics and a range of programmable features and safety interlocks. DURABILITY ALL COMMERCIAL-GRADE Built completely of commercial-grade components and materials, 4300 boasts a nearly indestructible huck-bolted chassis and a sturdy cab that exceeds SAE rollover safety regulations. DRIVER SATISFACTION A panoramic, swept-back windshield maximizes the driver's range of vision. It's also heated to melt snow and ice, for a clear, safe drive. Well-designed details like easy-grab handles, non-slip stairs and wide door openings keep your drivers safe when they're on the move.ThermaKing T880R features: QuickTemp technology delivers:Faster pull down at start up, faster recovery after door openingsReduced run time by up to 20% over previous modelExtended calendar time between routine maintenanceExtended the life of critical componentsOther features include:EMI (extended maintenance interval) of 2000 hours is the longest in the industry, lowering downtime and maintenance costsReliable reciprocating compressor technology