Comfort and productivity fuel 2016 Steiger tractor enhancements

Misty Caddell |

With a strong history in the agricultural industry, Steiger tractors deliver fuel efficiency, operator comfort and proven track technology. Model year 2016 enhancements set the bar even higher for performance, operator experience and bottom-line improvements.

Key 2016 enhancements to Steiger tractors include:

Transmission, lighting and visibility upgrades are just a few of the 2016 enhancements for Steiger tractors.
  • Efficient transmission: 20% faster shifting transmission speeds over previous models increase overall tractor efficiency and productivity, boosting horsepower savings by 2% to 5%. Shuttle shifting now takes 38% less time and provides increased productivity while maintaining a smooth change of direction.
  • LED lighting: Factory-installed LED lighting packages provide daytime visibility during nighttime operations. Brighter, whiter lights reduce operator fatigue.
  • More control with less input: An advanced steering system and automatic differential lock provide greater control with less input in the field and on the road.
  • Automatic line acquisition: Optional advanced line acquisition adds to the Steiger series guidance system for precise end-of-row turns with less overlap.
  • Split-image wide electric mirrors: Building on the reputation of Steiger tractors for industry-leading visibility, new split-image wide electric mirrors improve rear visibility.

Upgrades to AFS Connect maximize productivity

Improved AFS Connect technology for 2016 allows producers to manage their Case IH machines from anywhere.

Available across the entire Case IH tractor and combine offering, the 2016 upgrades to AFS Connect maximize productivity from planting to harvest. AFS Connect offers a comprehensive suite of fleet management and machine monitoring that provide long-distance, real-time control. From yield mapping to machine performance data, AFS Connect gives producers on-the-go access to every machine in their fleet.

Key updates to AFS Connect include:

  • Superior coverage: Tapping into CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System for Mobile) networks, a new modem provides superior coverage with access to 180 carriers automatically selecting the best signal available, seamlessly without operator intervention.
  • Two-way file transfer: Data transfer is easier thanks to the systems new two-way file transfer. Yield maps, prescriptions or guidance lines seamlessly move from the machine to the portal and from the portal back to the machine.
  • Additional enhancements: Expanded support of ISOBUS implements through the Advanced Farming Systems ISO Task Controller. Plus, a new Multiswath capability works in tandem with AccuGuide for improved guidance line patterns especially when maneuvering around field obstacles such as standing water.