JCB launches Fastrac 4000 and 8000 Series tractors

Mark Moore | EQW

JCB has launched new Fastrac 4000 and 8000 Series tractors, featuring an all-new electronics infrastructure that delivers higher levels of performance and convenience while giving operators a choice in the way they operate their machine.

According to JCB, the Fastrac iCON operator environment features:

  • iCONFIGURE creating a customizable control experience for every operator
  • iCONNECT integrating advanced precision agriculture technology
  • iCONTROL redefining operation through new driveline software

The 220 HP to 348 HP Fastracs feature the new iCON armrest console and touch-screen display that provides flexibility in control allocation and operator information, and a new transmission control strategy to deliver operator comfort and powertrain efficiency. The tractors are also available with fully integrated ISOBUS and implement control applications that minimize the need for additional displays.

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At the heart of the new Fastrac iCON models is a new electronics infrastructure that JCB says enables a host of modern technology features to be fully integrated as standard or optional equipment.

The most obvious improvement of this development is the new iCON seat-mounted armrest console and a 12-in., color touch-screen display that JCB says can be positioned ahead of the controls for easy viewing or moved to one side to maximize visibility through the Fastracs large windshield.

Additionally, Smart Transmission Control is a new speed-based system that enables operators to set the required forward speed and leave the tractor to do the hard work of balancing engine speed and gear ratio to achieve that speed under changing load, JCB says.

For added convenience, the joystick and pedal driving modes no longer have to be pre-selected  they are automatically selected when either control is used. And JCB says a unique feature enables operators to choose one of two input configurations when controlling the transmission using the joystick.

Current Fastrac operators may wish to use the JCB Classic setting, changing ground speed by moving the joystick left and right, and select direction by moving it forwards and backwards.

Operators new to the Fastrac may prefer the new JCB Pro format where operators push forward and pull back to alter ground speed, move left to operate the forward/reverse shuttle and move right to engage the new roller thumb switch that provides very fine speed adjustments.

JCB says the new electronics infrastructure on Fastrac iCON tractors enables for optional ISOBUS control of rear and front-mounted implements using a common graphics interface on the 12-in., touch screen, with the auxiliary joystick providing further opportunities for suitable control allocations.

The GPS Ready option prepares the Fastrac for after-market guidance and precision farming solutions, the company adds.