John Deere introduces new W200 Series M and R Windrowers


John Deere has introduced new windrowers that tout increased speed and efficiency.

The W200M and W235M Self-Propelled Windrowers offer a cost-effective option for farmers to consider with an all-new cab and a new lower horsepower option, says Chase Milem, John Deere hay and forage marketing manager. Beef and dairy producers will benefit from the W235R and W260R, thanks to a new premium cab loaded with integrated technology and innovative features that let them easily make in-cab adjustments to improve windrow formation and dry down.

According to John Deere, the new windrowers provide:

  • 10 percent faster dry down than previous models and improved forage quality on R models.

  • 24-mph transport speed that reduces time spent moving between fields.

  • Easy in-cab adjustments of swath flap and forming shields, with tilt and height resume.

  • JDLink enabled machines help to ensure peak operation performance and keep the owner connected to their machine at any time from anywhere.

John Deere adds the W200M and W235M are available with optional Starfire receivers and a Generation 4 CommandCenter with AutoTrac. Optional TouchSet controls allow operators to quickly adjust windrow width, and tilt from the cab while cutting. Operators also can electronically adjust windrow formation from the cab to optimize the crop being cut, to promote fast dry down, the company says. And thanks to a maximum transport speed of up to 24 mph and improved fuel consumption compared to previous models, time and money are saved when moving between fields. 

Every minute the crop stays in the field after cutting, reduces tonnage and decreases hay quality, Milem says. John Deere W200 Series M and R Windrowers provide customers with the unmatched ability to get the most from every acre, at reduced acquisition and operating costs.

The M and R Series Self-Propelled Windrowers will be available to order starting on Sept. 1, 2021.