Kubota unveils four compact tractor models

Mark Moore | EQW

Kubota Tractor Corporation has announced the addition of a new LX20 Series, adding two new models, the LX3520 and LX4020, and the expansion of its popular L02 Series, with the introduction of the new L2502 and L4802, to the companys compact tractor line.

The two models added to the LX20 Series offer a multitude of improvements. Along with new horsepower offerings of 35 and 40, both are available in a factory-installed cab or ROPS configuration. Additionally, the LX20 now includes a SU model cab offering in the LX3520. Meanwhile, the L02 Series will gain two models with added enhancements including a new hood and grill, LED headlights and side work light, improved suspension seat and optional armrests, Kubota says.

Designed with both residential and commercial operators in mind, the Kubota LX20 Series can tackle rural residential tasks with ease, while providing the powerful performance and comfort needed to handle commercial applications as well.

In addition to added 35- and 40-HP configurations, Kubota says the new LX3520 and LX4020 models were built with the operator in mind, from an updated cabin area to new grips and easier-to-maneuver controls. The LX20s feature a redesigned transmission aimed at significantly reducing HST noise for the operator, while an auto throttle helps the tractor to drive with ease. The LX20 Series features a wider front axle as well as a performance matched front loader that further improves their ease of operation and maneuverability.  Additionally, the LX20 Series comes with a dual engine memory switch, allowing the operator to preset their preferred RPMS and have the engine match that speed at the push of a button. Finally, there are new mower decks available for both models, with integrated wash port attachments to make cleaning under the deck easier.

Two new models join Kubotas legacy Standard L Series compact tractor line with the addition of the L2502 and L4802, available in either HST or gear drive transmission in 2WD or 4WD, the company says.

The L2502 and L4802 models are equipped with operational updates to optimize the overall user experience. Kubota says both models feature brakes relocated to the left side for ease of use, a new loader and new bucket options. LED headlights and side work lights, an improved suspension seat, rubber floor mats and the option to elevate comfort with updated arm rests further enhance the brand new, modern-and-sleek styling of these machines. Furthermore, the L2502 HST models also feature an independent PTO switch, the company adds.

Both the LX20 and L02 Series include new Trac Loader II tires, made by Titan International, Inc. Kubota Tractor Corporation has entered into an exclusive agreement on select sizes of Titans new Trac Loader II tires for both its compact and utility tractor models. Their innovative modern design with improved cleanout is optimized for performing a variety of snow, ice, turf or mud applications, making them just as versatile as the tractors themselves. Titan and Kubotas logos are integrated into the sidewall and tread pattern of the tire, which will bring new value to each brands customers, alike, the company adds.

Kubota L02 Series tractor in use in barn