Massey Ferguson 8S tractor introduced

Mark Moore | EQW

AGCO Corporation has introduced the 8S tractor to the North American market. The 8S, available in 205 to 265 HP, made its debut at the 2021 Farm Progress Show.

The 8S features Massey Fergusons Protect-U design, creating a 9.4-in., gap between the engine and the cab. Massey Ferguson says this unique feature protects the operator while giving tremendous front visibility and comfort.

Additionally, because the engine is separated from the cab, it increases airflow and contributes to better engine performance through improved cooling capabilities, the company says. It also contributes to heat insulation for the cab, keeping the operator comfortable while improving engine cooling capacity and efficiency, maximizing uptime.

The 7.4-liter Tier 4 Final AGCO Power engine delivers performance and stability in the 8S Series tractors. Massey Ferguson says Engine Power Management (EPM) provides a 5 percent boost to productivity and 10 percent fuel savings all at lower engine RPM, which also reduces noise. And the 8S leverages the industrys most mature SCR technology, paired with a simple, all-in-one aftertreatment system that provides for low-maintenance sustainability.

The 8S is available in two transmission options, the company says. The Dyna E-Power, the new dual-clutch transmission designed by Massey Ferguson for the 8S range, provides smooth shifting and speed changes. The Dyna-VT, Massey Fergusons proven CVT transmission, allows operators to select the exact speed and engine RPM needed for the job at hand.

With a minimum weight of just 8.7 tons, the 8S is lighter than others in its class. Massey Ferguson says the lightweight tractors can tread lightly for top work and transport, while the strong design enables them to carry heavy loads or be ballasted up for draft operations.

Massey Ferguson adds a wide range of ballast and tire choices, including a large rear wheel diameter of 80.7 in., ensures the 8S tractors can be precisely tailored to tasks, guaranteeing maximum traction and soil preservation while using a minimum amount of fuel.

A 10-ft., wheelbase length also the 8S offers improved stability with or without a heavy implement and maintains high levels of traction in the field and increased comfort in transport. The company says this combination of the wheelbase and chassis design means less ballasting weight is needed, ensuring maximum soil preservation and reduced ground pressure during cultivation, drilling and seeding.