Monarch Tractor introduces fully electric, autonomous tractor

Misty Caddell |

Monarch Tractor has introduced the worlds first fully electric, driver optional, smart tractor integrated on a single platform, combining electrification, automation, machine learning, and data analysis to enhance farmers existing operations, increase labor productivity and safety, and maximize yields to cut overhead costs and emissions.

Monarch Tractor is ushering in the digital transformation of farming with unprecedented intelligence, technology and safety features, says Praveen Penmetsa, co-founder and CEO, Monarch Tractor. We have assembled a world-class team of farmers, engineers, and scientists to meet todays farming demands and are empowering farmers by giving them intelligent tools to collect more predictive data to implement sustainable practices, better share their story and make more money.

Monarch says key features of its new tractor include:

  • The Monarch Tractor is 100 percent electric and has zero tailpipe emissions. It also serves as a 3-in-1 electrification tool operating not only as a tractor, but with extra storage acts as an ATV, and has the capabilities to perform as a powerful generator in the field.
  • The company utilizes the latest autonomous hardware and software technology to provide driver-assist and driver-optional operations. The tractor can perform pre-programmed tasks without a driver or an operator can use Monarchs interactive automation features including Gesture and Shadow modes to have the tractor follow a worker on the job.
  • Safety features include roll and collision prevention, vision-based PTO safety and 360 cameras to keep operations running smoothly and employees safe, day or night.
  • The Monarch Tractor collects and analyzes more than 240 GB of crop data every day it operates in the field. It can work with farmers current implements as well as the next generation of smart implements. Sensors and imaging are processed to provide data points that can be used for real-time implement adjustments as well as long term yield estimates, current growth stages and other plant/crop health metrics. Using machine learning, Monarch Tractor can digest this data and provide long-term analysis of field health. Data collected is securely stored in a Monarch cloud.
  • Via a smartphone or personal device, users receive tractor alerts, updates on current micro-weather conditions, detailed operations reports, data collection, analysis, and storage for more efficient farm planning.
  • Monarch Tractors electric drivetrain provides up to 40 HP (30 KW) of continuous power and short duration peak power up to 75 HP (55 KW) in a small footprint for multi-purpose usage.

Monarch Tractor has a base price of $50,000 and can be reserved with a fully refundable $500 deposit. The company says shipping is expected to begin in fall 2021.

The fully electric, zero-emissions Monarch Tractor utilizes autonomous technology and can be operated as driver-assisted or driver-optional. It is expected to ship in fall 2021.