New Holland introduces T7 Long Wheelbase tractor PLM Intelligence

Mark Moore | EQW

New Holland has introduced the T7.300 Long Wheelbase (LWB) tractor with PLM Intelligence. As the most powerful and compact tractor in its power bracket, it delivers more power while maintaining the dimensions and maneuverability of other T7 models.

Complementing this performance, New Holland says the new model utilizes the superior operator environment of the Horizon Ultra cab and a range of inter-cab technology and features to maximize productivity, efficiency and uptime.

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The tractor features an enhanced FPT Industrial NEF 6 engine that delivers 280 HP maximum power for draft work and 300 HP for PTO and haulage jobs. It also includes the new Electronic Variable Geometry Turbo, which ensures high torque and fuel efficiency at lower RPMs. New Holland adds contributing to overall efficiency is an upgraded version of the Auto Command transmission function, the best-in-class driveline for tractive effort. Overall, the new T7.300 LWB tractor helps operators reduce stops by increasing fuel capacity by 18% and decreasing service intervals by 50% compared to some competitors.

The capabilities of the T7.300 LWB tractor includes increased traction and soil performance of 2.05-meter/6.7-foot-tall tires, along with dimension continuity from previous T7 models, the company says.

The new model comes equipped with a variety of smart technology features, including Tractor Implement Management (TIM), a system that allows two-way communication between the tractor and implements for improved operator control. For example, New Holland says when using the Integrated Large Square Baler Control the interaction with this tractor, cab movement will be reduced by 15% and fuel consumption is reduced by 12%, while maintaining a consistent PTO speed and reducing input costs.

Additionally, the T7.300 LWB tractor sports the New Hollands PLM Intelligence system, which integrates data technology to connect operators and farmers to the field to optimize yield potential, the company adds.