Test drive: Mack Granite MHD


Mack Truck parkedThe idea of a tweener or a baby 8 truck isnt exactly new, but Macks approach with the Granite MHD is somewhat unique.

In many cases, a Class 6 or 7 unit is specd up to give the smaller truck enough power and capability to move upwards of 60,000 pounds. This lowers the sticker price but most often youll find a smaller cab with fewer features and lighter components, including frame cross-members.

In the case of the Granite MHD, a standard Granite model is refitted with lighter components, like a Cummins 9-liter ISL, Allison 3000 RDS six-speed automatic transmission and in some cases lighter frame rails, axles and suspensions. The end result is a scaled down Class 8 truck, which provides a larger cab and increased rigidity.

Powered by Cummins lightweight ISL, the truck sits on a Mack Cornerstone chassis that features a high-strength steel frame.

The lighter-weight frame doesnt sacrifice stiffness and performance. My drive on the surface roads of Indianapolis was highlighted with tight handling and more than enough power from the engines 345 hp and 1,050 lb. ft. torque.

Otherwise the MHD looks and is outfitted like any other Granite comfortable, roomy and rugged. Thanks to its Class 8 backbone, you get better visibility than many other baby 8s and full size mirrors.

Granite MHD features flush and extended channel type front bumpers and hood splash shields to extend component life by keeping the engine compartment clean. My unit was outfitted with a 10 by 36 snow plow, which added some head-weight to the truck, and the back was equipped with an 11 dump box a fairly common municipal spec for this truck.

The galvanized steel cab, coupled with the 9-liter ISL, makes for a quiet ride and mounting it on airbags and shocks means the truck absorbs most of the battering before it reaches the driver.

With a tight steering radius, Granite MHD easily navigates narrow streets, crowded jobsites and makes quick work of plowing a small patch of snow from the Indianapolis Zoo parking lot.

All baby 8s are built to take a beating, but Macks Granite MHD is a heavyweight fighting in the middleweight division, allowing it to take one across the teeth time and time again.

Mack Trucks Granite MHD