Total farm tractor sales remain below last year’s pace

Mark Moore | EQW

Another month, another month of tractor sales that have failed to keep pace with last years pace. While sales remain slightly above the five-year average, and are ahead of the pace seen in 2019, they are well below 2021 levels.

In the September Flash Report from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), sales of tractors in the under 40 HP segment were 16 percent below the total seen in September 2021, and for the year are off 17.5 percent from 2021. In the 40 to under 100 HP segment, sales are off 10 percent compared to September 2021 and are 12 percent below 2021s pace year to date. Sales in the 100+ HP segment show a bit of strength, up 9.6 percent compared to September 2021 and up 11.6 percent year to date over 2021.

AEM says four-wheel-drive sales are off 33 percent compared to September 2021 and are 10 percent below 2021s year to date sales pace.

Total farm tractor sales for September were 12.8 percent below September 2021 and are off 14 percent year to date.

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