U.S. tractor sales remain strong


Its sounding like a broken record, but U.S. tractor sales have once again posted a strong month, continuing a trend thats seen unit retail sales outperform the five-year average.

According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers Flash Report, sales of tractors in the under-40HP segment were up more than 20 percent compared April 2020. Sales in the 40HP to under-100HP segment and the 100+ HP segment were up nearly 30 percent.

Year-to-date totals in the under 40HP segment are up more than 40 percent, up more than 33 percent in the 40HP to under 100HP segment, and up more than 20 percent in the 100+ HP segment. Total 2WD tractor sales are up nearly 40 percent compared to the same time period one year ago.

The report also indicated that 4WD tractor sales were up 15 percent compared to April 2020 and are outpacing last years year to date total by 12 percent.

Combine sales were down 3.2 percent for the month, most likely indicating that farmer attention was on the planting season. For the year, combine sales are up nearly 9 percent compared to the same date in 2020.

For the full report: https://www.aem.org/AEM/media/docs/Statistics/US-Month-Ag-Report-4-2021.pdf.